About us

Richard Campbell

From the very first moment I first picked up a camera, capturing and creating images has been a great love and passion of mine. Even the simplest subjects require great skill and attention to detail and when time is limited the challenge is always to capture the moment or fulfill the brief in the most effective way possible. For more complex orchestrated shoots, the reward comes from conducting all the various elements to create the final image.

I originally studied theatre at Glasgow University which led to much of the theatre and arts related work which I currently do. In many ways this influences my other work, whether it is photographing someone’s ‘performance’ speaking at a conference or capturing the moments during an event. My sense of drama and how this combines with the lens also helps influence my perspective when choosing composition and lighting subjects. This isn’t to say that everything I do is theatrical or overly dramatic. Instead it tends to be a desire to tell a story or realise something in an interesting and original way.

Established for over 16 years, I have won a number of national and international awards including the BIPP Best Scottish Press & PR Photographer of 2012, 2009, 2008 and 2007. As well as commissioned work I also still do my own personal projects which has resulted  in a number of exhibitions, one of which was purchased by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Roberto Cavieres

Regular clients know Roberto very well, as he often covers editorial, press and PR shoots for me when I’m already booked. Clients find this very useful, as it means they can always get a good photographer when they need one, often at short notice.

Roberto is a native of Chile although Scotland has been his adopted home for over 30 years. He originally studied photography at Napier College in Edinburgh before embarking on a successful freelance career. 

He is in great demand for a number of national and local papers such as the Daily Record, the Glaswegian, Johnston Press and the Sunday Post.