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Hi Richard,

Got the images through thanks...they are fantastic. Why can't all freelance photographers provide such great quality images?!

Thanks for the link to the Commercial Photographers Network, I'll be sure to use it in future. I'll pass the invoice through to accounts asap.

Kind regards.

Guy Atkinson
Account Executive
James Harris Associates Ltd

Editorial & PR

If you’ve been searching for press and PR photographers Glasgow then look no further. With several awards to my name including the BIPP best Scottish Press & PR Photographer of 2012, I am one of the most experienced Glasgow press and PR photographers.

In my career I have covered a wide range of subjects from celebrity and magazine shoots to awards, conferences, product launches, publicity shoots and trade fairs.

The key to being a successful press and PR in Glasgow is the ability to work under pressure and the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of environments and situations. Having  covered a huge range of subjects in a 16 year career, dealing with deadlines and time constraints is second nature to me now, which gives me even more creative freedom to produce eye-catching images.

As well as a full range of professional lenses and portable lighting equipment I can also edit images on location to they are available straight after the shoot.