Architectural Photographers in Glasgow,
Glasgow Architectural Photographer


As Green Park is a high quality apartment development, we needed quality architectural photography to reflect the standard of property in brochure work, advertising and editorial. Richard provided just that, together with a friendly and flexible service.

Ken Newton
Newton Public Relations


I’ve been specialising in architectural photography in Glasgow for over 16 years. My clients include architects, estate agents, property developers and construction companies who require professional photography of their architecture, interiors or property portfolio.

Acquiring a reputation as one of the leading architectural photographers in Glasgow takes a certain attention to detail. Where possible, I always do a recce of a location beforehand in order to determine the best time of day to capture the main elevations or interior light. If this isn’t possible, then I often make a second or even third visit to capture the subject in it’s best light.

As well as attention to detail, I also use the best professional equipment and shoot with a tilt/shift lens to correct the verticals. This avoids having to correct them later in photoshop and potentially loosing quality from having to distort and stretch the image.

All my architectural and interiors photographs are also checked and retouched prior to sending to the client so you can be reassured that there will be no distracting objects in the images such as poles or traffic cones.